Vision and mission

The Vision of CEIR

  • CEIR must be recognized as the "only" European trade body, cooperating with other similar international institutions, for technical disciplines and a source of harmonized regulations for efficient and environmentally-friendly taps and valves.
  • CEIR is the European body, leading in technical, environmental and social standards within the European and International taps and valves matters.

The Mission of CEIR

  • CEIR must develop appropriate programs and tools to support the European taps and valves industry in understanding and maintaining knowledge of valves and taps technologies and the related market requirements.
  • CEIR must actively promote energy savings and environmental integrity.
  • CEIR must maintain an open and constructive dialogue with all EU stakeholders and institutions determining or influencing the progress of our industry.
  • CEIR sees a vital role in the development of its international relationships.

There are three CEIR Committees

  • the Marketing and Communciation Committee,
  • the Sanitary Valves Technical Committee
  • the Industrial and Building Valves Committee with its upcoming Thermostatic Radiator Valves Working Group.

CEIR Members are active participants in the Committees to:

  • Get insights into legislative developments and technical challenges
  • Shape the debate and make the European industry a frontrunner
  • Suggest technical projects
  • Share and build knowledge
  • Network

Committee Members meet regularly to stay up-to-date and share information. They can participate in meetings with the European Commission and the EC-Joint Research Center when relevant. They are asked for their views on legislative proposals for Technical Committees. They are also informed by the Committee secretariats and General Secretariat of legislative developments.

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