Water saving

UNIFIED Water Label (UWLA)

The Unified Water Label is a European labelling voluntary scheme initiated by taps and valves manufacturers to improve the water consumption and performance of taps, valves & shower heads.
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  • A simple tool to inform consumers on water consumption of taps, valves and showerheads
  • A single label used throughout Europe
  • A complete database of labelled water saving products


  • It clearly shows the volume of water that the product will consume if installed correctly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Litres per minute
  • Coloured performance bands
  • Actual capacity/performance

Simple classification scheme applicable throughout Europe

  • Sets harmonized water flow requirements conforming to any legal national requirements
  • Promotes the use of water saving taps, valves and shower heads in private and public buildings
  • Self-declared and monitored by independent audits to keep the scheme cost-efficient
  • Informs European consumers on water consumption of taps (basin and kitchen) and shower heads
  • Invites consumers to check the products database to find water saving taps, valves and shower heads in their country
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of the labelling scheme and monitors its implementation
  • Contributes to the various efforts to save water and energy

The website: https://uwla.eu/

Tips for saving water, energy and money

  • Don’t leave the tap running while brushing your teeth, washing your hands, shaving or cleaning
  • An efficient and satisfying shower need not more than 5 minutes
  • Prefer showers to baths
  • Fix a dripping tap, shower head or shower hoes
  • Don’t overfill the bath
  • Insulate all exposed water pipes
  • Ask installers to avoid dead leg of water (water that remains in the pipe once the delivery mechanism has been turned off) to avoid cold water stagnation and mitigate pipe damages
  • Use other water efficient appliances in your home such as modern washing machines and dishwashers

An initiative of CEIR - The European Association for the Taps and Valves Industry - www.ceir.eu
With the support of BMA - the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (UK) - www.bathroom-association.org

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