Building & Industrial Valves Technical Committee

The Technical Committee for Building & Industrial Valves (TC BIV) deals with all regulatory and standardization matters related to:

  • Building Valves
  • Industrial Valves
  • Actuators

It comprises manufacturers of Gas-, Heating-, Water- and Fire Fighting Valves in all CEIR member countries. It also covers manufacturers of valves, actuators and associated products for all industrial applications.

The Committee represents the common economic, technical and scientific interest of its manufacturers.

CEIR's Building & Industrial Valves Technical Committee deals with a great variety of topics. Applicable regulations are numerous and include:

  • Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Construction Products Regulation
  • ATEX Directive

Building and industrial valves are used in a complex normative framework, that the Technical Committee is in charge to follow, that includes CEN TC69 and ISO TC153 for industrial valves, CEN TC236 for gas valves and CEN TC164 for building valves.

The Committee systematically reviews the status of relevant regulations and standardization work. For that matter it:

  • Follows European regulations which are in force or in preparation.
  • Follows standardisation work.
  • Ensures that any national technical studies complement such standardization work
  • Activates specific WG when needed on specific subjects;
  • Elaborates consensual position papers and guidelines.
  • Manages standardization work in the interests of industry (elaboration of consensual policies to be supported by CEIR members in relevant CEN and ISO Technical Committees and Working Groups).
  • Allows members to exchange information on national technical studies, in order to facilitate, when needed, comparison on the content (not necessarily results) of these studies.

Activities can also cover:

  • Members' interest representation at European level
  • The economic situation in the member countries
  • Statistical data
  • Directory / member profiles / website
  • Origin marking schemes
  • Trademark protection
  • Protection against counterfeiting
  • Exhibition policy
  • Market and distribution channel analysis
  • Standardisation / certification
  • Materials in contact with drinking water
  • Contacts with Plumber and Wholesaler associations

The Committee is chaired by Mr Vinzio and the secretariat is managed by Mr Sornais of Profluid


TC BIV has the possibility to set up dedicated Working Groups when a particular matter arises. The deliverable, depending on the matter, can be:

  • A published Position Paper
  • A guideline
  • CEIR’s input to a broader question

Recent examples of such achievements are:

  • Publication of a Position Paper on RoHS II Directive, an updated position on the Machinery Directive
  • Participation of CEIR to the evaluation and revision of the Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Publication of guidelines on the application of SIL concepts to industrial valves
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