The European Taps and Valves Industry

According to 2016 statistics, the European taps and valves production value represents more than €11.27bn. However, it should be noted that the production value slightly decreased compared to 2015. The European taps and valves industry is divided in 3 branches:

  • Industrial valves (€4.01bn production value)
  • Sanitary taps and valves (€6.31bn production value)
  • Building valves (€954mln production value)

The top EU manufacturing countries in the taps and valves sector remain Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and France.  

People are employed as both white collar and blue collar workers. They create for consumers and business actors valued products such as safety or relief valves, taps, cocks and valves for sinks or water cisterns, central heating radiator thermostatic valves and pressure-reducing valves.

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