CEIR welcomes the revised EPBD

Friday 20 April 2018

CEIR welcomes the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) that was adopted by the European Parliament mid-April 2018. The revised EPBD provides better consideration of TRVs and strengthens the hydraulic balancing of the heating system.


The EU decision makers make a step forward by pushing Member States to tackle the renovation of the existing building stock and promoting the use of smart technologies to decrease energy consumption. The revised EPBD clearly paths the way to the EU energy transition and sustainability.


The taps and valves industry welcomes the new provisions demanding to equip new buildings with temperature self-regulating devices in individual room or designated heated zone in a building, where technically and economically feasible. This will reduce energy costs and associated CO² emission, thus delivering actual benefits for all European citizens.

 We are pleased to see that the revised Directive also tackles existing buildings: it also requires the installation of self-regulating devices when heat generators are replaced.

 In addition, the revised EPBD highlights the necessity to ensure a proper hydronic balancing of hearing systems. Indeed, it draws attention to the hydronic balancing in periodic inspections of heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

 However, EU decision makers missed the opportunity to go further: a mandatory hydronic balancing of newly installed or replaced heating systems would have delivered benefits for the energy efficiency and also the comfort of its occupants.

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