The Association of Finnish Technical Traders has joined CEIR

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Teknisen Kaupan Liitto ry: the Association of Finnish Technical Traders, has joined CEIR. This new membership application was endorsed by the CEIR General Assembly in June 2018.

Teknisen Kaupan Liitto ry is formed by five member associations and more than 370 member companies. The members’ combined annual sales exceed 9 billion euros, covering 85 % of the business area in Finland. Amongst its members, Teknisen Kaupan Liitto ry includes companies that are manufacturing, importing and selling valves, actuators and related goods and services. The section consists presently of 14 leading companies in the valve sector.

Jan Sucksdorff, Secretary General of the Section for valves and fixtures, about Tekninen Kauppa's decision to join CEIR and its expectations:

Why have you decided to join CEIR?
"Finnish suppliers of taps and valves were previously organised as a group within another association, which also was a member in CEIR. As a result of some organisational changes, a need for restructuring the group’s activities rose and this led to the decision in establishing a new section for these companies at the Association of Finnish Technical Traders.  As the companies have a strong focus in manufacturing, importing and selling valves and related equipment it was only natural for the new section to continue the membership at CEIR."

Which is the added value you consider in being part of the European industry Association representing valves and taps?
"Already during this short period of membership I have learned that CEIR provides a huge array of important information. The most essential by now has been to be able to learn about the upcoming regulations and laws affecting our members. Equally important are the various market reports and analysis."

Which are the main opportunities and challenges in the sector of taps and valves for the near future?
"During the last couple of years we have seen a very positive development within the Finnish industry with new investments and some major projects within pulp- and paper as well as other fields of process industries. This has increased the business for the suppliers of valves and fixtures and also the outlook for the coming months is rather positive. There are some concerns as well, the main one for the time being where to find skilled employers as well as new talents for production, sales and maintenance within this sector."

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