Outcome of the JRC Meeting in Madrid and call for action

Thursday 29 November 2018

Following the last very positive European commission meeting in Madrid, I am writing to urge all EBF members for their support. The EC meeting was unanimous in agreeing that the implement of the unified Water Label should move forward as soon as possible, whilst further investigations and improvements are being investigated.  This provides us with a fantastic opportunity to improve visibility and make progress towards our goal of having a label that is in use by 80% of the market.

With ISH taking place in Frankfurt next March, we have a perfect platform to showcase the strength of the Water Label, but we need you and the industry to make it happen.  We can present the Water Label to around 200,000 visitors from the international community that will attend and benefit from the media interest around this exhibition.  We must take positive action now to register more products and clearly display the label to take advantage of this event.
We have an agreed set of guidelines on how to use the Water Label, which are attached, please consult them to ensure uniformity and that our clear messages are communicated.

We can all play a part and help achieve our aim of a unified Water Label, but it will not happen without a collected effort and strong industry backing.

Please get in touch if you have any queries, thank you as always for your continued support. 

CLICK HERE to read the official EBF release

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