FLUIDEX celebrating its 30th anniversary

Friday 26 April 2019

FLUIDEX, the Spanish Association for Fluid Handling Solutions and Process Technologies is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its founding in 1989. In celebration of its achievements, FLUIDEX will host a networking event along with the member companies in an effort to share with the Spanish Industry the milestone and challenges of the last 30 years, while looking forward to future opportunity.

In the winter of 1989 eight manufacturing companies from Spain met with the aim of strengthening the booming manufacturing industry.
From the early days of the organization, the objectives have emphasized member value, networking and industry improvement. Nowadays, FLUIDEX gathers almost 90 different companies manufacturing a wide range of products, and marketing them all around the globe.
The goals of FLUIDEX include promoting the industry and representing member interests in all the issues related to the sector. Throughout this last 30 years, and for the years to come, FLUIDEX will keep working for making the Spanish industry a reference in the international market.

In the month of May, the Association will gather its member companies to commemorate the last 30 years of working, traveling and learning together, allowing every member to share all the experiences gained in the last years and providing the opportunity to focus the efforts of FLUIDEX through a common path.


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