CEIR Spring Newsletter - President's Editorial

Tuesday 12 April 2022

Dear Readers,

2022 is set to be a crucial year since while the impact of the pandemic is slowly fading, another crisis is rising to hit us: the energy prices and volatility impacting all of us hardly.

Yes, we have seen a fourfold increase in energy market prices across Europe, with households and companies paying an average of more than 50% for energy this year compared to 2020.

As an industry, we can play our part by:

  • driving innovation towards energy efficiency, while we save money and cut CO2 emissions,
  • raising awareness on the critical issue in front of political bodies and the marketplace and,
  • designing and manufacturing efficient products that can help homeowners and professionals to use water and energy more efficiently.

There are still challenges to overcome, but together we can drive change and make a tangible difference.

Carlos Velazquez, President CEIR

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