CEIR social plan and LinkedIn campaign

Tuesday 12 April 2022

In May 2021 the task of following CEIR Linkedin page was given to AVR Communication office and starting from the end of September 2021, once a month a post dedicated to a CEIR Association is being inserted.

Each post - made of a brief presentation of a member-association and a comment of its president - is previously agreed and approved by the reference association, then issued with the logos of CEIR and of the association.

Up to now, the following Associations have posted their contributions:

  • AVR
  • BMA
  • Fluidex
  • Pomsad
  • Teknisen Kaupan

As already planned, Evolis, Urs Verband, Aimmap, Npaa, VVs, Agrival, Veltek, Beama will follow from now to next Summer 2022, so completing the framework of an articulated and harmonic organization of associations.

This action, shining a spotlight on CEIR Members (National and Sector Associations) is targeted to industry, policymakers, media and the public in general and has been resulting in a real success in terms of communication and marketing tool. 

CEIR LinkedIn page is indeed collecting more and more likes and visualizations by followers (last post attained 300 likes). The above follower growth has been recorded from the beginning of the campaign : +37,5% (from 130 to 179), while page visitors has increased by +70% 

CEIR President, Carlos Velazquez, on the occasion of a last Marketing Committee observed that we are growing as an association even though our LinkedIn page could get more marketing oriented toward urgent matters involving several industries. Concerning this, members are invited to propose posts regarding events, technical matters or whatever of possible interest for CEIR association, which could be inserted as posts on the LinkedIn page.

AVR Association/MGM /28/3

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