CEIR Letter on Trialogue Negotiations on Market Surveillance Regulation

Wednesday 16 January 2019

In view of the upcoming next trialogue meetings’ negotiations on the Market Surveillance Regulation, CEIR has sent a letter to the three EU Institutions highlighting the importance of the following points:

  • Creation of a Europe-wide regulatory framework enabling effective cooperation between market surveillance authorities and business, for example through memoranda of understanding or other cooperation mechanisms;
  • Establishment of a EU layer of market surveillance in the form of a Union Product Compliance Network, aiming at fostering better cooperation between market surveillance authorities, the European institutions and representatives of business and industries;
  • Ensure national authorities abide by the provisions of the new Regulation once it enters into force, since the different implementation of the current legal framework has been recognised as one of the causes hindering an effective market surveillance at European level.

In conclusion, CEIR calls on the European Institutions to come to an agreement, with solutions aimed at strengthening market surveillance rules for products harmonised by EU legislation, increasing cross-border cooperation among market surveillance and customs authorities within the EU Member States, and involving business representatives in the process.

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