CEIR and International Women’s Day 2021

Thursday 4 March 2021

Celebrated on the 8 March each year, International Women’s Day is a special opportunity to shine the spotlight on women working in our industry, highlighting their unique experiences and expertise, and what led them on this career path. 

CEIR, the European Association for the Taps and Valves Industry, was formed in 1959 as the European federation of national manufacturer associations, gathering together a large number of European manufacturers in the field of valves and fittings. 

In our mission to support the principles of a free economy and private enterprise in Europe as well as on a global basis, we see that our industry is growing and forever evolving. 

This presents more opportunities for women, from those looking to develop their careers further and to those who are just starting out, to take advantage of and take an active role in.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, and to showcase the opportunities in our sector, we are delighted to share with you the story of Nurdan Yücel, highlighting her key role and motivation in shaping our industry. 

Click HERE to read the full interview with Nurdan Yücel, Vice-President of CEIR, member of the Board of Directors at Samsun Makina Sanayi and President of POMSAD.

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