CEIR 2021 virtual Congress - Letter from the President

Thursday 15 April 2021

Dear Readers,

The COVID-19 crises has changed the way we do things: how do we live, how do we work and how do we relate with the others, but has not stopped us from pursuing our goals, nor as individuals, neither as society.

On the contrary, we have all become more resilient, adaptable and efficient.

CEIR reacted to the new normality very quickly, making sure that we adapted our way of work so we could follow our agenda with the maximum normality to achieve the goals that we set for 2021:

  • Grow stronger, adding new members (bringing in their resources, know-how and talent)
  • Build a long-lasting sustainable muscle as an organization (from the expertise of our Working Groups)
  • Get more recognition and attention by the relevant stakeholders (in Brussels and beyond)
  • Build a reliable and effective network (thru proven confidence and profitable alliances)
  • Lobby to defend our Industry (in a fair and sustainable way)

And, as an example of our adaptability and our will to fight to achieve our goals, the COVID-19 will not stop us from organizing our planned Joint Conference with Europump and Pneurop.

If we want to build a reliable and effective network (thru proven confidence and profitable alliances) to get stronger so we can effectively lobby for the sake of our Industry, we cannot miss the opportunity to join forces with these two sister Associations and therefore, even if the physical Joint Conference has been postponed to 2022, the event planned for Tuesday 25th May afternoon will stay in our calendars in a virtual format!

On that day, We are planning a digital “Get-To-Know-Each-Other” conference where the Presidents of the three Associations will introduce themselves and the Entities that they represent in a virtual panel with a moderator that will facilitate a fluid dialogue between the participants - thru a dynamic battery of questions - to address:

  • which are the Associations activities and 
  • how to develop potential for cooperation

After the panel, we will get an update by the Orgalim Partnership on most recent EU developments and, finally, to close the venue, we will host a “Voktail”… yes! …a virtual cocktail allowing us to enjoy an electronic networking session to “Get-To-Know-Each-Other” in a relaxed and informal (digital) way.

I am sure that only positive results will come from this initiative and I encourage you to take it as an example of resilience to keep on fighting these hard times when, thru vaccination, we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay safe,

Carlos Velazquez
CEIR President

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