CEIR's Sanitary Technical Committee

  • CEIR's Sanitary Valves Technical Committee is the common platform of the European sanitary valves manufacturers within CEIR.

The objectives, tasks and concrete work of the CEIR's Sanitary Valves Technical Committee are defined by its General Assembly and Working Groups. As a result, the scope and benefit of the work is closely linked with the commitment and requirements of the member companies.The CEIR's Sanitary Technical Committee  offers its members the possibility to be in permanent touch with European competitors allowing the exchange of views and the opinion-forming process regarding current economic and technical matters.

The CEIR's Sanitary Technical Committee informs and advises its member companies on all product-specific technical matters. The CEIR's Sanitary Valves Technical Committee is constituted of experts from main taps & showerheads manufacturers in Europe. Its main tasks are regulatory follow-up at European level, standardization follow-up and pre-normative works. It also represents taps & shower heads manufacturers views and interests as CEIR is a registered stakeholder at the European CommissionThe CEIR's Sanitary Technical Committee represents the interests of the European sanitary valves industry towards European institutions and authorities, supplier and customer organisations, and exerts influence on technical rules.All activities always aim at facilitating the member companies‘actions on the market and at promoting the investment decisions of potential customer circles.

The CEIR's Sanitary Valves Technical Committee is chaired by Mr Fehrholz and the secretariat is managed by Mr Bochaton of Profluid.

The central topics covered by The CEIR's Sanitary Technical Committee are as follows:

  • Technical and Environmental Regulation at European level
  • Water saving
  • European guidelines on technical matters
  • Standardisation
  • Products certification
  • Communication and public relations

CEIR is notably involved in the following topics :

  • Materials in contact with drinking water (4MS)
  • Construction Products Regulation (CPR)
  • Ecodesign, European ecolabel and green public procurement criteria for taps & showerheads 
  • REACH Regulation
  • The European Water Label
  • The efficiency of showerheads


The Sanitary Technical Committee has the possibility to set up dedicated Working Groups when a particular matter arises. The deliverable, depending on the matter, can be :

  1. A Position Paper
  2. A guideline
  3. CEIR’s input to a broader question

Recent examples of such achievements are :

  • The participation of CEIR in the ErP preparatory study for Taps and Showers in collaboration with the JRC and the European Commission
  • The participation of CEIR to the European Commission’s expert group on Product Testing Procedure for products in contact with drinking water
  • The setting-up of the European Water Label through a dedicated working group
  • A very strong and efficient contribution to the development of technical criteria for the European Ecolabel applied to taps and showerheads
  • The publication of a Position Papers on Ecodesign, RoHS II, CPR...