CEIR-CETIM cooperation: beneficial both ways

CEIR-CETIM cooperation: beneficial both ways

CETIM is the Technical Centre for the French Mechanical Industry.  It was created in 1965 and aims to provide companies with the means and competence to:
•    improve their competitiveness
•    contribute to standardisation
•    establish a relationship between scientific research and industry
•    promote technical progress
•    provide assistance to improve performance and guarantee quality.

In 2010 CEIR and CETIM signed a framework agreement to support CEIR members in their business. CETIM can offer services for all types of valves: sanitary, building and industrial.Pascal Vinzio says: "As a member of the CEIR-CETIM steering committee, CEIR Vice President and CEIR Building and Industrial Valves Committee Chairman, I think this framework agreement between CETIM and CEIR is an excellent initiative for the European valves industry. Innovation is crucial for our companies if we want to stay competitive and always be a step ahead; innovating, improving and checking products, and training people are key elements for developing business in the coming years. CEIR is building bridges between industry and technical centres, and this is very good for our association. I hope our industry will use this opportunity extensively."CEIR members can benefit from collaborative partnerships.

  • 1. They can work with CETIM on CETIM projects or on private projects with no open publication of the results.
  • 2. CEIR members visited the CETIM premises in Senlis during the CEIR Annual Assembly 2012. 
  • 3. CETIM also offers training on technical matters relevant to valve manufacturers.
  • 4. Some CEIR members worked with CETIM and VKI on a project called Covadys focusing on cavitation issues.

"Valve Life Cycle Costs: A Guide to LCC analysis for Valve systems" and "Guidelines for application of SIL concepts to valve equipment"
A testimonial by CEIR Member POMSAD : "Both guides have been translated into Turkish and are really useful for our sectors.  The first one is very useful in explaining the importance of valve life cycle costs. We are trying to emphasise the importance of this concept as in many cases users focus on the price of the valve without paying attention to the quality. This guide offers very good advice for users, and explains the importance of establishing the right system and what costs they could face after they buy the valve. The second guide is also important in terms of applying safety integrity level concepts to valve equipment. Users expect industrial valve producers (isolation valves, control valves etc) to indicate their product’s SIL capacity and its compatibility to NF EN 61508 requirements. We thank CETIM for offering us these two valuable guidelines and for giving us the chance to translate them for the Turkish market. "


CETIM: +33 3 44 67 36 82 - http://www.cetim.fr/en

CEIR: +32 2 706 82 37