Benefits of Joining CEIR

CEIR (The European Association for the Valve Industry) is the only official and historic trade association representing  and protecting  the interests of the  European Valve Industry. It represents the manufacturers of taps and valves based in Europe towards the European Institutions and standardisation organisations.

CEIR represents 12 National Associations in Europe having dozens of member companies at national level.

CEIR has also  12 Individual Member Companies in countries where there is no association member of CEIR.

  • Established in 1959
  • Very well known to the European Institutions
  • Based in Brussels, on the EU decision-makers
  • Associate member of Orgalime, the European association of the engineering industry
  • CEIR is registered under the European Union 'Transparency Register' - number 54018122087-60
  • CEIR liaison committee of CEN TC 69 (industrial valves) with CEIR first Vice President as CEN TC 69 chairperson
  • CEIR liaison committee of ISO TC 153/SC1 (Design, manufacture, marking and testing" Valves)


All legally constituted trade associations of the valve manufacturers in Europe may become members within CEIR.

In those European countries where  there is  no such relevant association, individual companies may be apply for CEIR membership upon special request.


Participate to the most important events of the European  Valve Industry:

CEIR Annual Congress

  • CEIR Members can attend the Annual Assemblies with high level speakers giving the industry input and recommendations for its business:
  • Research project on cavitation issues by Von Karman Institute at CEIR AGM 2013 / Presentation of SOLVAY on their purchasing policy at CEIR AGM 2013, of TOTAL on technical challenges at CEIR AGM 2012, and of CEFIC on innovation in the chemical industry / Mr Bernardon, EBC Business Consulting Managing Director on globalisation and market access at CEIR AGM 2012/ Dr.Meuleman, Vlerick Business School, on business models and innovation in  2013

Participate in the CEIR Committee and Working Group Meetings

  • You can be an active participant in the Committees
  • Get insights into legislative developments and technical challenges
  • Shape the debate and make the European industry a frontrunner
  • Suggest technical projects
  • Share your expertise and build knowledge
  • Network

There are three Committees: the Marketing and Communciation Committee, the Sanitary Valves Technical Committee with its dedicated Energy related Products Working Group and the Industrial and Building Valves Committee with its upcoming Thermostatic Radiator Valves Working Group.

  • Have the chance to meet the key players in the market.
  • Make your voice heard and have the chance to be a decision maker among the European Valve Industry.
  • Access to special market reports, analysis, trends in the industry and position your company accordingly.
  • Learn and act about the upcoming regulations & laws binding valve industry from years away, get the chance to intervene for the benefit of the valve industry and stay one step ahead of your competitors.
  • Enjoy the prestige that you are a recognized European Valve Manufacturer who is qualified for CEIR Membership.