What are taps and valves?

Sanitary valves include:

Basin taps
Kitchen taps
Bath taps
Single control mixing valves
2 handle mixing valves
Thermostatic mixing valves
Pillar taps
Self closing valves
Electronic taps
Shower columns
Shower panels
Shower systems


Building valves include:

Angle valves
Radiator valves
Thermostatic valves
Thermostatic heads
Safety groups
Air gaps
Vacuum breakers


Industrial valves include:

Screw-down stop valves
Check valves
Gate valves
Safety valves
Diaphragm valves
Plug and ball plug valves
Butterfly valves
Pressure reducing valves
Radiator valves
Draw-off taps and stop valves
Float operated and flushing valves
Air valves
Axial control valves
Hydraulic control valves

Taps and Valves Industry

The European Taps and Valves Industry

The taps and  valves industry in Europe is a powerful and responsible industry. Annually it contributes 19 billion Euro to the European economy (source: Eurostat - data for 2009).

Our people are employed as both white collar and blue collar workers. In France alone there are 12,500 employees (source Profluid).

They create for consumers and business actors valued products such as safety or relief valves, taps, cocks and valves for sinks or water cisterns, central heating radiator thermostatic valves and pressure-reducing valves.