AVR (Italian Valve and Fitting Manufacturers' Association) 

Via Scarsellini, 13
IT - 20161 Milano
Tel : +39 02 45418.571 
Fax : +39 02 45418.545
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Structure and contacts

President : Ugo Pettinaroli (Fratelli Pettinaroli SpA)
Vice President - Sanitary taps and fittings : Federico Albertoni (V.A. Albertoni Srl)
Vice President - Bronze and brass valves and fittings : Sandro Bonomi (Rubinetterie Utensilerie Bonomi Srl)
Vice President - Industrial valves and actuators : Paolo Beretta (Saint Gobain Pam Italia SpA)
Vice President - Plumbing pipes and fittings, components and accessories : Leonardo Baldrati (Eurotubi Europa Srl)
Secretariat : Loredana Nicola


AVR - the Italian Valve and Fitting Manufacturers' Association - is the trade association representing the main Italian manufacturers of taps, valves and fittings in Italy and abroad.

AVR is a member of ANIMA (the Federation of the Italian Associations of Mechanical and Engineering Industries). Founded in 1952, AVR, at present, is made up of about 70 of the most qualified and important companies of a branch employing 14,000 people and achieving a turnover of about 3,800 million euro, 65% of which is exported.

AVR member companies manufacture a wide range of products for the residential building industry (sanitary taps and fittings, valves for heating systems and fire prevention valves), for general and specific industries (chemical, petrochemical, food, etc.) and for public works (aqueducts, plants for water treatment, depurators, irrigation).

AVR member companies are grouped into four distinct sections:
sanitary taps and fittings
bronze and brass valves and fittings
industrial valves and actuators
plumbing pipes and fittings, components and accessories

The AVR member companies have all the best characteristics of the Italian industry: age-old tradition, experience, small and medium size, solid financial structure, flexibility in production, strong exports, concentration in districts, and offer:
efficiency, reliability, high quality standards assured by technologically advanced factories;
high technology products and high quality materials, innovation, design. All that, granting a worldwide presence and a consolidate leadership.

AVR is active member of CEIR (European Association for the Taps and the Valve Industry)

AVR is founder of ICIM (a certification body in the area of mechanical engineering) and of PASCAL (a notified body for the marking of pressure equipment).

The technical activities in the branch have grown during recent years, due to new standards and to European directives. For this reason, AVR experts participate in different committees and working groups for the implementation of norms (UNI, CEN, ISO).

AVR plays an important role in the promotion of and support for Italian companies in the continual process of growth inside and outside Italy.

Member Companies

Total member companies 68
Member companies in sanitary taps and fitting sector 18
Member companies in bronze and brass valves and fitting sector 20
Member companies in industrial valves and actuators sector 28
Member companies in plumbing pipes and fittings, components and accessories sector 10
Number of SMEs 57