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BEAMA Water Safety & Hygiene Group

Westminster Tower

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United Kingdom

Tel: +44 20 7793 3000


BEAMA’s Water Safety and Hygiene group represents the commercial brassware industry. Members’ products provide safe, hygienic and economic water storage and distribution in sectors including healthcare, education, sport and leisure, military and commercial properties.       

The group raises awareness and provides education on the selection, installation, maintenance and use of commercial brassware products.

Part of the BEAMA trade association, this new group has incorporated the previous Thermostatic Mixing Valve Association (TMVA). Its title reflects a broader product scope that now includes a wider range of valves and other products, enabling a shift of focus from point of discharge solutions to a system approach.

The group aims to improve understanding of products and their place in water distribution systems, encouraging a practical approach to water safety and hygiene.

BEAMA encourages an industry focus on:

The right product – compliant and suitable for the installation

Best practice installation & maintenance – following manufacturers’ instructions and industry guidance

A holistic approach to Water Safety and Hygiene – ensuring all parts of a system are addressed

TMVs accurately control water temperatures for hand-washing, bathing, showering and bidets. They are designed to maintain the desired water temperature, even when the incoming water pressures or flow rates change.

TMVs provide two important solutions:

• Allow water to be stored and circulated at temperatures that combat Legionella bacteria – while ensuring water is delivered at a safe temperature

• Prevent scalding injuries – these can be fatal, especially to vulnerable groups such as the young and the elderly, and sadly 20 people died as a result of contact with hot water across England and Wales in 2011. Failing to fit or removing a TMV will increase the risk of scalding.

The benefits of TMVs are endorsed in many official safety regulations and guides:

• Building Regulations Part G

• Department of Health Health Technical Memorandum 04-01

• HTM04-01 Addendum: Pseudomonas aeruginosa – advice for augmented care units

• HSE Approved Code of Practice (AcoP) L8 (Control of Legionella)

• HSE Technical Guidance HSG274 Part 2 ‘The control of legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems’

• HSE HSG220 - Health and safety in care homes

• Department for Education BB87 ‘Guidelines for Environmental Design in Schools’

• NHS list of preventable ‘Never Events’

• BRE IP 14/03 - Preventing hot water scalding in bathrooms: using TMVs

Product quality is ensured by compliance with:

• Approval schemes to ensure compliance with European standards (e.g. TMV2 and TMV3 schemes operated by BuildCert)

• WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme)

• NHS Model Engineering Specification D08 (for TMVs used in Healthcare properties)