Svensk Armaturindustri

Valves & Fittings of Sweden
Storgatan 5, PO Box 5510
SE - 114 85 Stockholm
Tel : +46-8-782 08 50

Structure and contacts

Mr Mikael Hansson,FM Mattsson Mora Group AB

National Secretary
Mr Mårten Sohlman


Valves & Fittings of Sweden is the recognized national trade organisation representing the mutual interests of Swedish firms engaged in the design, construction, manufacture, sales and agent sales of valves and fittings. The member companies embrace firms manufacturing and marketing  both industrial valves and actuators as well as sanitary valves and fittings. The association is the accepted channel for consultation by government departments, national bodies, user industries and customer organisations. Its membership covers not only large but medium and small companies, and its structure is designed to serve their joint interests and needs in most economic and technical aspects.

 The association has its secretariat within the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries, Teknikföretagen i Sverige. Teknikföretagen has some 3 000 member companies with 300 000 employees. The object of the association is to reinforce its member companies’ international competetiveness and longterm profitability. The fields of activities are mainly: economic policy and business trends, collective negotiations and agreements, the environment, research and developement, product requirements and trade policy, training policies, business law. The association is active in international cooperation through its membership of CEIR.

Member Companies

Total member companies 10
Member companies in taps sector 4
Member companies in building valves sector 8
Member companies in industrial valves and actuators sector 5
Number of SMEs 6